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Favorite People: Amy Poehler

The minute anybody makes you feel weird and non-included or not supported, you know, either beat it or tell them to beat it.

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i’m watching 13 Going on 30 and the moral of the story is be nice to the nerd who loves you and lives next door because in like 20 years he’s gonna turn into Mark Ruffalo

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Portuguese designer Susana Soares has developed a device for detecting cancer and other serious diseases using trained bees. The bees are placed in a glass chamber into which the patient exhales; the bees fly into a smaller secondary chamber if they detect cancer. 

Scientists have found that honey bees - Apis mellifera - have an extraordinary sense of smell that is more acute than that of a sniffer dog and can detect airborne molecules in the parts-per-trillion range. 

Bees can be trained to detect specific chemical odours, including the biomarkers associated with diseases such as tuberculosis, lung, skin and pancreatic cancer.

breathe into the BEE ORB to reveal your fate

We might want to think not killing all the bees, then, huh.

My sister-in-law is getting married today and for some reason, her reception requires three different types of alcoholic punch and a bar. Oh, and she isn’t intending to pay the bartender, who is taking a day off of work to make all these drinks and punches. Yeah.

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This has to be one of my favorite post on tumblr.

wow this is so clever

i want more of this




This has to be one of my favorite post on tumblr.

wow this is so clever

i want more of this

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look it’s fine if ur not religious omg it’s 100% ok but once u start telling people that their prayers are worthless, that God isn’t listening, that He is imaginary, that Jesus didn’t exist, that their religious texts are garbage, etc. then you’re a piece of shit shut up

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get to know me meme [5/6] favourite musicals: wicked

i do believe i have been changed for the better

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Girls are trained to say, ‘I wrote this, but it’s probably really stupid.’ Well, no, you wouldn’t write a novel if you thought it was really stupid. Men are much more comfortable going, ‘I wrote this book because I have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear.’ Girls are taught from the age of seven that if you get a compliment, you don’t go, ‘Thank you’, you go, ‘No, you’re insane.’
—Lena Dunham (x)

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